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June the 1st 2104 is a milestone on the operation of Helmsley Recreation Ground.


From June 1 Members of all the clubs will be issued with a Club Membership Card, which they will be expected to carry, which will allow for the use of the Facility on Baxton's Lane including the Pavilion and bar areas.


As part of their Sports Club Membership Fees Club Members will pay to their respective clubs £20.00 which will be passed on to the Charity, which operates the site, by the individual Clubs.  This payment of the mandatory £20.00 per Member is a fee which will provide members with benefits in the use of the sport site including the Social aspect of the Pavilion.


Member benefits will include but will not be limited to a reduction in any hire charge for the Member for any 'private' event and a direct discount on bar purchases.


For solely Social Club use the fee will be £15.00 per annum paid to the Charity via the Bar Steward. If a Member belongs to more than one Club the fee for the Social uses of the Bar and Pavilion £20.00, will be waived in respect of the second Club Membership. So Members will only pay once to join the Social Club no matter how many Sports Clubs they belong to.


Members will be expected to carry Membership cards which will be renewed annually on the anniversary of the User Agreement signed by all the Clubs.


In respect of the club which pays their Club Membership fees on November 1 (the Football Club) if their Members require Membership benefits as described above they will be expected to pay their £15.00 directly to the Charity from June the 1. They will then not be charged when they join their respective Clubs the £15.00 Social Club membership fee.



Each Sports Club is required to supply to the Charity:

  • A list of Members as at the date of their initial/annual renewal.
  • Those Members contact details
  • Additions to Membership as they occur
  • A £20 fee per Adult Member.
  • A £10 fee for Junior Members - 18 and over 


Membership cards will be provided by the Charity. The Membership Card remains the property of the Charity and must be surrendered on demand.


For information purposes documents provided here include:


The Club Occupancy License (signed by each club which uses the facility)

Social Club Membership Rules and an Application Form (for Social Membership only)

Private Hire Agreement (for Club Members)

Private Hire Agreement (for non Club Members)